Infertility Treatment Costs
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In this video we learn that some infertility treatments can cost hundreds of dollars while others, like in vitro fertilization, can cost thousands of dollars.


Dr. John A. Schnorr: It depends a lot on how much medication that a person need. So when you look at cost for treatment it depends on how much work is involved by the doctors in the assistance and then how much medication you are going to need. Simplest forms of treatment which will be Ovulation Induction IUI where we help you make eggs and put sperm in the uterus would, may be cost $1,500 per try and per try pregnancy rates for most people 20-25%. If you come in and you have blocked fallopian tubes, it needs fancy treatments like In Vitro Fertilization, today's cost including medications, physician fees everything have been $12000 to $13000. Okay, a fancier treatment is if you have eggs and now you need to get a donated egg, you need help getting pregnant with a donated egg, now we get a third party involved, she is going to need medication, she is going to need special screening and we are going to need to reimburse her for her time you start seeing cost ranging from $12000 to $20000 with those types of cycle. So it's really individualize it depends on how much medication, how much time, what we are actually treating along they way.