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Including Skating - This video series will show how to inline skate. Certified inline skating instructors from Skater's Quest Inline Skating School demonstrate the inline skating basic skills: moving forward and backward, stopping and turning.


Hi, I’m Krista from Skater’s Quest, and I’m here to teach you the basics of in-line skating. We’re going to show you demonstrations on how to move forward, how to move backward, how to stop, and 2 different ways on how to turn. Before you start skating, you need to make sure you have well- maintained in-line skates and well- maintained protective equipment such as your helmets and all of your pads. In order to learn safely and effectively, it’s important to find a location that is nice and controlled. Make sure that the pavement is smooth and flat and you want to avoid water, oil and sand. We also recommend that you take a lesson with the certified instructors so that you can maximize your skating potential. All of us at Skater’s Quest are certified instructors and I have the privilege of being a Skate Education Specialist or Examiner where I certify instructors around the world. We’ve been teaching in-line skaters in the Washington, DC area for over 18 years. Are you ready how to in-line skate? Let’s get ready to roll.