Incarceration Guide - How to Communicate with your family
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A complete step by step guide to incarceration - How else can I communicate with my family?


How else can I communicate with my family? Outside of the visiting room other methods would be the telephone. Many jurisdictions and facilities also limit now the time that you can talk on the phone. The Federal system for example limits you to three hundred minutes a month. So, you are able to make approximately 10-12 minutes a day in calls and you could do that any way you wish on the phone system as far as time limits go. Lot of times you will have a sign up list that you can do for phone calls. You will be able to write as much a you'd like to and you will be able to receive mails as much as you like to, from your family and friends. Internet is very restricted in most prisons. It is becoming more common on a very limited basis for Federal and State facilities to start allowing e-mail. It's very limited, I would say it's limited to -- less than ten percent of the population has access to e-mail.