In Florida, An Alligator Bites Off a 17-Year-Old's Arm
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An alligator bit off 17-year-old Kaleb Langdale's arm while he was swimming in a local river.


(AOC) Tragedy in Florida as a 17-year-old is attacked by an alligator while swimming in a local river. The nearly 11-foot-gator bit off the boy’s arm from the elbow down. Here’s WZVN WZVN :33- :47 This morning a teen is in fair condition at lee memorial, after an alligator tore off his arm. it happened yesterday afternoon on the caloosahatche river, near moore haven. Here’s a picture of the victim- 17-year-old kaleb langdale.” (AOC) Friends were with Langdale when the incident happened. They said the group was trying to swim out as far as they could into the river. WBBH explains what happened next. (SWV - 1:29 - 1:43) “Little did they know a 10.5 foot gator was watching them with Langdale as its target. FLASH Come straight at him. It was a foot in front of him. Put his arm in the way instead of letting him get his body. Took his arm and took him right under.” (AOC) Langdale reportedly rushed out of the water and told friends to call paramedics. WINK reports. :37 - :40 FLASH :48 - :49 “The gator led a three hour search for the gator and his missing arm. Only WINK news was there when they found both. Killing the gator and rushing the boy’s limb to the hospital.” (AOC) WZVN reports doctors were not able to reattach the boy’s arm, but he is recovering in good spirits. (SOC)