Importance of Having a Family Dinner
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Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad reveal what can cure all family ills. Well maybe that is overstating it a bit, but if you found something that helped your kids perform better in school, avoid sex, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, reduced the likelihood of an eating disorder and helped the development of vocabulary, would you do it? Then make sure you eat with your family.


Daddy Brad: Alright dude, I’m sick of it, no more VPA, no more lead paint, only some good news. Daddy Clay: All right I dot it for you. Daddy Brad: You, Dr. Doom have good news? Daddy Clay: No, seriously I got it for you, right? Okay so here is something, those kids avoid drugs, boost performance at schools, for girls to --- eating disorders. Help some to learn figurative words, like having sex and also teach them which side the plate and the napkin goes to. Daddy Brad: Can’t get barely kids do it. [Music Playing] Daddy Clay: Also helps you stay away from alcohol and tobacco. Family diner. Daddy Brad: Alright, yeah I heard that. Daddy Clay: Here’s something you can get behind right? eat it. Daddy Brad: So all good things, no sex, drugs and rock and roll. Daddy Clay: Didn’t say anything about rock and roll. Daddy Brad: Whatever, but how many studies, just one? Daddy Clay: No, tons, tons. The university sponsored big studies with lots of participants over years, I always say the same thing, dinner is on.. Daddy Brad: Yeah but is it chicken or egg? Daddy Clay: Nice food metaphor. Daddy Brad: I mean does eating together makes a happier, healthier kids, or the happy healthy family just tend to eat together. Daddy Clay: Pretty good question, like it is really hard to establish causality, right? but a lot of these days I have read, they are correct for what they call connectedness. So no matter how connected or happy, these families are with each other, the benefit is still there. Daddy Brad: Really? Daddy Clay: Well check this out. It does not matter when they are going on Cheftell and make it five course dinners or whatever or if there is gather around the bucket of the kernel, if it is still there. And here’s one that kills me, TV on, benefit still there. Daddy Brad: So I can be choking down a bucket of extra crispy with --- screaming to my ear and kids still get the benefit? Daddy Clay: I’m not sure about all that but you have the TV on, the benefit is still there. Daddy Brad: What am I buying here? Daddy Clay: Five to seven meals a week. Daddy Brad: Five to seven meals? I am going to do date night? Daddy Clay: I didn’t say nights, doesn’t have to be dinner. Daddy Brad: Don’t have to be dinner? Daddy Clay: Breakfast lunch or. [Music Playing] Daddy Brad: Okay so the benefits are really clear, I mean you can do take out and you can watch TV, why on earth doesn’t everybody do it? Daddy Clay: Over scheduled. These kids are overscheduled, I mean I got it at my house, I got two kids they go athletic practices, activities after school, a third one coming along same thing, how do you find the hour, where everybody sit down and have dinner. Daddy Brad: Dude, you got to fight that. Daddy Clay: I’m finding, I’m finding but it just gets harder all the time, whether they are teenagers, it is the most important and it is really tough. Daddy Brad: I guess then there is work. Daddy Clay: You know, thank God we don’t have to worry about that. Daddy Brad: That’s what I’m talking about. Daddy Clay: Because commuting is another enemy of family dinner, it is like commuting and over scheduling, family dinner time. Daddy Brad: And what time does Oprah come out? Daddy Clay: Four. Daddy Brad: Oh good, got a little bit. Daddy Brad: So what is it man, what is the magic. Daddy Clay: Kids, okay kids,. They’ve got to be reminded frequently and I resolve ritualistically, they are part of something, something bigger, family. I do not know, what do you think? Daddy Brad: I guess the side of my granddaddy always used to say. Calling licker don’t make you crazy, crazy makes you crazy. [Music Playing] Daddy Clay: Does that mean you’re crazy?