Identical Triplets Born in Pennsylvania
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A Pennsylvania Couple has welcomed identical triplets into their family. The three boys, Daniel Jeffrey, Ryder James and Garrett Cambell were born on Tuesday. (June 8)


[Location - Date:HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA/JUNE 7][Source:WHTM][VO:][Notes:SOT: JENNIFER PRICE/MOTHER OF NEWBORN TRIPLETS]we delivered on tuesday, june 5th. The babies were born at 8:42, 8:43 and 8:44, so they were out quickly. [Notes:SOT: DANIEL PRICE/FATHER OF NEWBORN TRIPLETS]Surprise doesn't even begin to describe it.[Notes:SOT: JENNIFER PRICE/MOTHER OF NEWBORN TRIPLETS]the initial was shock. I was crying.[Notes:SOT: DANIEL PRICE/FATHER OF NEWBORN TRIPLETS]it's a good thing there was a wall behind me holding me up because all I could do was laugh.[Notes:SOT: JENNIFER PRICE/MOTHER OF NEWBORN TRIPLETS]then we found out they were identical and took another deep breath because it's very very rare to have identical triplets.[Notes:DR. FRANCIS J. MARTINEZ/PINNACLE HEALTH]so when you talk about coming from one egg, that means identical triplets. So when you have the one in 500,000, it's a pretty low chance of it developing.JP: She's got to hold the babies and she thought that was really great.DP: We've thought of everything from sharpie tatoos to, we really haven't noticed any significant birthmarks. We looked at the callics in their hair and they all seem to be in the same place.(****END****)