Ideas for a Special Family Vacation
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Get some great ideas on how to turn any family vacation into a unique experience for your entire family, including special meetings with Disney characters for your children or going to National Parks.


Host: What are some ways to make a family summer vacation extra special? Melinda Webb: When traveling with children you just have to look at the things that make it really memorable. You know of course at Disney you can have a character dinning you can have a prior that meet and greet with the characters to where your child could have one and one interaction. And you can do the same thing for example it would be just resorts, you got the Sesame Street characters and very interactive character breakfast and things like cooking with cookie monsters where the children get to actually go and experience that cooking show with cookie monster. But then at the same time too if those sort of in within what you want to do on family vacation, just going to you know park. I can remember growing up and I grew up in Alaska so we hit a lot of parks, national parks on summer vacations on drives. And in camping in this parks were some of the best experiences I had as a child and very memorable you know and seeing so much of the country. So you can take anything and make it into a special. I recommend teaching moments though, children will pick up on things and hold on to this very long time so take a summer vacation use it as time to teach your child about new culture, about new cuisine, you know something that’s going to last with them through their life.