Ice Hockey - Skate Forward Crossover to Backwards
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Basic skating drills allow a skater to move freer on the ice, to control the puck better, and to out-skate opponents for goals. Watch forward crossover to backwards.


Hi, my name is Geremi Weiss, I am the US International gold medalist in figure skating. Today we are going to be learning some basic hockey drills. We are going to be doing a drill on the circle that teaches a hockey or a figure skater how to go quickly from forward crossovers, moving backward in a turn, and taking right away some backward crossovers. So, Raya today is going to show us these three forwarded crossovers, jump and turn, right into backward crossovers. She is going to start; one, two, three, jump and turn, backward crossovers. One, two, three, jump in, good, one, two, three, jump and turn, moving right into backward crossovers and step into the circle. One, two, three, jump and twist, one, two, three, stepping in, very good. Notice how -- keep going, notice how her shoulders are always facing the circle and her stomach is always facing the inside of the circle, that's the drill. Keeping those crossovers moving quick, jumping and turning, keeping the backward crossovers moving right into it. That's how Raya did a great job in her transition. She went from her forward crossovers into the quick turn and then immediately started her backward crossovers. That's for a more advanced skater or hockey skater. Three crossovers, forward, jump and turn, into the circle, and then the backward crossovers to finish.