Ice Hockey - Skate Circle Crossover Drill
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Basic skating drills allow a skater to move freer on the ice, to control the puck better, and to out-skate opponents for goals. Watch circle crossover drills.


Hi, my name is Geremi Weiss, I am the US International gold medalist for figure skating. Today we are learning some basic hockey drills. These drill is going to be done in a circle pattern. Raya here is going to show us three forward crossovers forward as she rotates and jumps to the outside of the circle, then she is going to do three backward crossovers and jump outside the circle. I want you to watch and notice how she skates and watch that her chest and her shoulders are always going to be outside the circle. She has got three crossovers, she is going to jump out with her shoulders and she does three crossovers, and jumps out again, good. Crossing one, two, three, rotate and jump out, quick feet, right into backward crossovers, jumping outside the circle. Keep it going, you can do it slow and then you can pick up your feet. One, two, three, jump outside the circle, good, one, two, three, jumping out and crossover quick, and jumps out. Do the other side for me. Make sure when you are doing this drill you always do one side and then switch directions into the other side. So, she is now crossing left foot, jumping outside the circle, good, three feet, two, one, rotate the shoulders, good. As soon as she lands that jump she is sinking back down in her knees, excellent, lower your center of gravity, catching herself for her balance, jumping out, good. So, that's a hockey drill, basic forward crossovers in a circle, keeping your shoulders, jumping quick feet outside the circle, and then backward crossovers and jumping out again.