Ice Hockey - Skate Backwards Inside and Outside Edge Drills
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Basic ice hockey skills that will enhance speed, agility, coordination. Basic skating drills allow a skater to move freer on the ice, to control the puck better, and to out-skate opponents for goals. Watch these outside edge drills.


Hi, my name is Geremi Weiss; I am the US International gold medalist in figure skating. Today we are learning some basic hockey drills. Raya here is going to show us some backward inside edges. Two ways to do this. You can do them slow and long and lots of deep cut, or you can do them faster and quick. This is a power drill, its called backward inside edges. She is going to start backwards for me and she is going to start alternating her feet, right and left. Notice how her arms are helping her legs and again, these are all on the inside edge of the foot, good, she steps quick. Those were the slow ones, now she is going to speed it up for me. She can gain speed, it's almost in a running position, good, and fast back feet, so it's one two, one two, excellent. When Raya does her backward inside edges she is always careful to stay towards the front in the ball of her foot, that's exactly where you need to be when you are doing backward inside edges. Make sure you practice this drill going slow and a deep cut and then fast with quicker feet. What we are going to be doing is some backward outside edges crossing behind. We are going to be staying on our outside edges the whole time, using our shoulders to rotate against the hips to keep the rhythm moving, and we are going to make sure that we stay towards the ball and the front of our foot as we go. Raya here is going to show us how to do this. She is going to step and push behind, getting that little push off that front leg. She is excellent in moving, her shoulders will lead the way, and then her foot follows, good, two more times, down and back. She alternates the feet, each time she lifts the foot in front she is getting a little push and a power off that outside edge. Hockey skaters have a little trouble with the outside edges, so make sure when you are doing this drill, if you do it and you work it a little bit more than the backward inside ones, backward outside edges.