Hypnotizing Principal Charged, Student Suicides
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Criminal misdemeanor charges have been filed against a former Florida high school principal accused of using hypnosis on students. Two of the students who had been hypnotized committed suicide. (Jan. 12)


[Location: North Port, Florida](Source: WFLA)(Courtesy: WFLA)(FILE VIDEO THEY SENT ME FROM EARLIER THIS YEAR ( JUNE/JULY 2011) THEY WILL SEND THEIR TODAY PACKAGE LATER IF SOMEONE WANTS TO FRESHEN THE PACKAGE I AM EDITING NOW)[VOICEOVER]CRIMINAL MISDEAMANOR CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED AGAINST FORMER FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL GEORGE KENNEY ACCUSED OF USING HYPNOSIS ON STUDENTS. (WFLA file video from July 17, 2011)(SOT/ Cory Walksler, Student)(" He makes sure all the parents sign a release form to make sure they are ok with it. But usually just to help kids improve in testing stuff like that.")(WFLA file video from July 17, 2011) (SOT/ Gary Leatherman, Sarasota County Schools) ("What Kenny was authorized to do was to perform demonstrations in psychology classes., so there was an awareness at the district level that he was doing these demonstrations of hypnosis in psychology classes.")[VOICEOVER]OFFICIALS SAY THE PRINCIPAL HYPNOTIZED TWO NORTH PORT HIGH STUDENTS BEFORE THEIR SEPARATE SUICIDES LAST YEAR. THE TEEN DEATH S RAISED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE PRINCIPALS ACTIONS. KENNEY HAD BEEN WARNED TO STOP USING ONE ON ONE HYPNOSIS WITH STUDENTS.(SOT/ Scott Ferguson, Sarasota County Schools) (File video from June 29, 2011) ("What appears not to be in dispute is that Dr. Kinney was given several verbal directives to only practice hypnosis in the setting of a psychology class and then only with parent permission of the students who were being hypnotized.")[VOICEOVER]KENNEY WAS REASSIGNED DURING THE INVESTIGATION OVER THE PAST MONTHS. HE PLANS TO RESIGN HIS JOB, EFFECTIVE JUNE 30TH. PROSECUTORS DECIDED NOT TO FILE FELONY CHARGES OF UNLICENSED PRACTICE OF HEALTH CARE. THE MISDEMEANOR CHARGES OF UNLICENSED PRACTICE OF HYPNOSIS CARRY A MAXIMUM OF UP TO A YEAR IN JAIL. MARINA HUTCHINSON, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS[SIGOUT/REPORTER, LOCATION, ASSOCIATED PRESS](****END****) VIDEO SOURCE: WFLA-----------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: courtesy/embargo----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): Tampa--------------------------------