'Hump Day' Craze Infects Conn. Middle School
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So many kids at a Connecticut middle school are repeating a commercial catchphrase that teachers and adminstrators have had to take action to keep it from becoming a major distraction. (Oct. 7)


DURATION: 1:01-----------------------------------------SHOTLIST:GEICO -- COURTESY1. Nats of commercialWFSB -- EMBARGO HARTFORD, NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT2. SOUNDBITE: Brooke Lewis, StudentGEICO -- COURTESY3. Nats of commercialWFSB -- EMBARGO HARTFORD, NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT4. Various of school5. SOUNDBITE: Jacob Ruggiero, Student6. SOUNDBITE: Brooke Lewis, Student7. SOUNDBITE: Jacob Ruggiero, Student8. Various of school9. SOUNDBITE: Mick Ruggiero, Dad10. SOUNDBITE: Beth Lewis, MomGEICO -- COURTESY11. Nats of commercialVOICEOVER SCRIPT:(NATS OF COMMERCIAL)"Uh-oh. Guess what day it is?"THIS TONGUE-IN-CHEEK GEICO COMMERCIAL HAS BECOME THE TALK OF A CONNECTICUT MIDDLE SCHOOL.SOUNDBITE: Brooke Lewis: "Everybody's walking around in the hallways and saying it's hump day in that weird voice."(NATS OF COMMERCIAL)"It's hump day."OFFICIALS AT VERNON CENTER MIDDLE SCHOOL SAY THE KIDS JUST WON'T STOP SAYING IT.SOUNDBITE: Jacob Ruggiero:"I don't really think it's that big of a disruption if people are just doing it in the hallways."SOUINDBITE: Brooke Lewis: "Sometimes it's the counting down to when it is."SOUNDBITE: Jacob Ruggerio: "They do it every day."SOUNDBITE: Mick Ruggerio: "Okay, that's getting out of hand, just keep it to Wednesdays and we'll be all right!"IT'S GOTTEN SO BAD THAT SOME KIDS HAVE BEEN CALLED INTO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE. THE DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT SAYS TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS JUST DON'T WANT REPETITION OF THE CATCHPHRASE TO GET OUT OF HAND.SOUNDBITE: Mick Ruggiero: "I think it's all kind of silly, I think there's bigger things to take care of in middle schools than that. Obviously you don't want the kids to be disruptive."SOUNDBITE: Beth Lewis: "It's getting old now, the hump day thing is getting old."AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT SCHOOL OFFICIALS ARE HOPING FOR.MATT FRIEDMAN. ASSOCIATED PRESS.