How Volunteer Teacher Becomes an Education Entrepreneur
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In Chapter 8 of 19 Global Campus founder Maurizio de Franciscis shares how volunteer teaching and mentoring inspired him to start a company. De Franciscis joins Young Enterprise while working in Europe, teaching high school kids business and entrepreneurship. After relocating to the US to work for General Electric, he begins advising and mentoring interns on career development and planning. Through volunteer experiences, he identifies education market inefficiency and opportunity.


Erik: Why did you decide to teach high school pro-bono outside of work and what did the experience teach you? Maurizio: An organization approached me and said, hey, you know -- I think it was Young Enterprise -- we’re doing this through my employer and are you interested? It looked interesting and I said why not? I’ve always loved to be in a classroom. I figured I could like being on the other side as well. And then when I moved to Ohio with GE I started helping local interns and helped them figure out what they could do with their lives because I had been in different jobs in different countries. I knew people in so many different jobs especially for the standard of Dayton, Ohio I guess. And then I realized I really liked it and I also realized that with frustration that these kids seem to have the same problems and the same uncertainties that I had in the 1980’s in spite of the internet, in spite of all of the information that is available to them. And somehow that was the first seed of what I’m doing today.