How Using a Laptop Affect Sperm Count
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Dr. Bastuba shares how working on a laptop can affect a man's sperm count.


How Using a Laptop Affect Sperm Count Well, what we do know is that the testicles typically run about one to two degrees less than the rest of their body. The testicles are in a pretty dangerous area when you think about them as compared to ovaries. Ovaries are up in the pelvis protected by large bones; the testicles are kind of hanging in the breeze out there and there’s a reason for it. They typically run at a cooler temperature so that anything that could potentially chronically raise the temperature of the testicles could have the opportunity to decrease sperm counts or affect other things that are important for male fertility. So if a male is having the laptop right on their lap long hours then that could potentially have a negative impact, easily solved by placing a pillow on your lap, underneath the computer, or many of the computer holders that are now available. So it’s wise to think about that. My experience is that it is not typically a problem as long as you are not having long hours with it right on your lap.