How Toy Age Guidelines Are Set
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What does the Consumer Product Safety Commission consider when setting age guidelines?


Host: What does the consumer product safety commission consider when setting age guidelines? Dr. Rene Hackney: The consumer product safety commission looks that at least three variable for putting age guidelines on toys. The first is the safety issue, if it is a choking hazard at all it is going to get the label not for children under three years of age because so many under three still put things in their mouth as often. The other things that they are looking for they will be on safety guidelines, is will a child of that particular age be able to actually use this toy? Will the baby be able to manipulate it? Also will baby able to understand it cognitively where a three to five years older or five to nine year be able to understand how that toy works and use it as well. You will see those guidelines even on most games and on games when it says for eight plus, it really is about the child understanding of that task.