How to Write Your Personal Statement for Law School
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Learn how to write a personal statement for law school, without making the common mistakes.


Derek: Hi there! My name is Derek Meeker, and I am a senior Law Consultant for Admissions Consultants, a consulting firm for aspiring College, Business, Medical, Graduate and Law School applicants. Today, I am going to be answering some questions about the Law School admissions process. Male: What is the most common mistake applicants make in their personal statement? Derek: Rehashing the resume is definitely one of the most common mistakes, many applicants just give an overview of everything that they have done and that is exactly what the resume is for. So, you want to avoid being repetitive. Another thing would be starting your ending the personal statement with a quote from another person. The Admissions Committee wants to hear what you have to say so avoid. You can use quotes if you maybe within the essay but I would use them sparingly and definitely do not begin or end the essay with a quote. I have read far too many essays with a quote about the road less travel. So stay clear with that. Also, I think many applicants try to write what they think the Committee wants to hear and the personal statement ends up being disingenuous so just be who you are, be genuine and that is the most important thing, because that is what they want to know. What is this person going to be like in a classroom? What would it be like sitting next to this person as a student? What would it be like teaching the person? What would it be like hanging out with this person outside the class and having a discussion about legal issues or current events or any other topic?