How to Wear the Right Cut for Your Shape
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Wearing the right cut for your shape is key, and celebs with full figures know it. That is why they turn to one design label, Teri Jon. Our fashion expert, Lauren Ezersky, shows how you can get the perfect look.


Audra: Wearing the right cut for your shape really is key and celebs with full figures know it. That’s why they turned to one design label, Teri Jon. Our own fashion expert Lauren Ezersky shows how you can get them perfect look from size 2 to 18. Lauren: We here on Better TV feel that everybody should look their best. That’s why I'm sitting here with Rickee Freedman of Teri Jon who designs clothes for women for size 2 to 18. That’s incredible. Rickee: Absolutely. Lauren: How long have you been doing that? Rickee: Well I've been doing it for so long. But if I should began it about 30 years. Lauren: That’s amazing. Especially in this day and age that you have a company that long. Rickee: Absolutely having tweak peeds in between and having a marriage and a career and really spending a lot of time in this field. Lauren: What I love about your company is that you do the same dress in the size 2 and 16 or 18. So it’s exactly the same dress. And women could look great whether you're a size 2 or 18. Like you're not catering or pondering just to a larger size, like it’s the same look that a woman is getting. Rickee: Absolutely. When I start designing, I look in a dress. I said, what silhouette looks modern? What silhouette is very attractive? Will enhance different body shapes. Because I don’t want to peg myself that I only dress celebrities. Even though I do dress. Lauren: We have Oprah, Jennifer Hudson, Chloe Sivingy, Meryl Streep. Rickee: Yes, and I will be honest with you. As much as I love celebrities and they're great and they inspire you to design. I love to make the real customers and I do a lot of personal PAs. Because when you are in a dressing room with a real woman who don’t have an army of seamstresses and stylist, it can make them look the best. And you get into that dressing room and you see different body types. And you see how excited they are when they look fabulous. And as I say, it can be size, it could be a size 14. It could be a size 10. That’s what I'm excited, so I spend my time really not catering to celebrities. Even though it’s very important to your business. As I get closer to the season, I get the sensation like the tailored clothing and suiting are going to be new again and important again. I don’t come in every season with a new revolutionary look. It’s an evolving that you go from tweaking new trends and modernizing them. But yet always keeping the element of classic. Lauren: Well I'm a big fan of yours. Thank you so much for talking to us. And I'm Lauren Ezersky for Better. Audra: Go to and check out more great looks from Teri Jon. Just click on the link’s tab.