How to Wear a Baby Carrier
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Jim from Baby Bjorn shows the Gear Daddy how to properly fit a baby carrier to the male frame. It involves lots of loosening of straps. Thanks to Ben at the DadLabs community for suggesting this episode.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I am your host Daddy Troy. I am here with Jim of Baby Bjorn and today he is going to show us how to put one of these on one of these. Daddy Troy: Alright, Jim. Suit me up. Jim: Alright. well we are going to use the Baby Bjorn active carrier. Baby Bjorn carries pretty much all go on the same but despite the most complicated not that its hard but we will go through that one and you can understand any Baby Bjorn baby care. Daddy Troy: And the rest are a piece of cake. Jim: Absolutely, sure. Alright, all Baby Bjorn baby cares are two pieces so, for the time being, put the front piece aside. Daddy Troy: Front piece is aside. Jim: You want to concentrate on the shoulder strap assembly. Especially, for us guys, the first thing to do is loosen everything up because when you-- Daddy Troy: What are you trying to say? Jim: Because we are big and fat and we need them looser so. Daddy Troy: Okay, got it. Jim: Loosen everyday. Okay, maybe I am big and fat and you are not Troy but I tell you when I have to put this on, the best thing to do is loosen it and it will save you all kinds of frustration later, okay. Daddy Troy: One of the true things about Baby Bjorn products is that this fits guys as well as women. Jim: Exactly! Exactly! So, okay now. It goes on like a jacket. So, Daddy Troy: Got it. Jim: Put it in one arm there and the other arm through here. Now, the biggest thing, we are going to stay back here, is this adjustment here. This is how you adjust for a larger person. Obviously, Troy is a bit a little bit larger person. He saw that, it slides on these rails, it is meant to do that and the biggest thing you want to do is this Baby Bjorn logo should be between your wing bone basically, in the middle of your back. So, when you have it in that position, then you are in pretty good shape. Turn back around this way, these should be about, just about touching like that. Now, you know you are in pretty good shape from an adjustment standpoint, okay? Daddy Troy: Okay. So you do not real snap or anything? Jim: No! No! No! It is just kind of a guide to say okay you and I we are in pretty good shape. Okay. So, then you are going to take the front piece, you are going to notice that these are marks left and right. Daddy Troy: Left and right. Jim: Exactly, and this one says left and right. Daddy Troy: So, you are going to match them, right? Jim: Well, you are a genius. Daddy Troy: Oh, I tell you. Jim: Push in until you hear the click. Daddy Troy: Oh, let us see if you hear if its going to click in. Jim: Hear a double click. Daddy Troy: Got it. Jim: Okay. Alright, now you know you got to give it, you know, test it, make sure every things good there, okay? Daddy Troy: Sure, okay. Jim: These do have a safety built in to them that you cannot push that button while there is weight under it. So, even if it accidentally got pushed while the baby is really, it could not come out. Daddy Troy: Oh, cool. Jim: You wait to undo it, we are going to show it later but you got to push up a little bit to be able to push the button to release it. So, that is a safety built in to the Baby Bjorn, okay. So, you get to this point. Now, you can tighten up a little bit. Now, there is two sets of straps, right? Lombard support straps and shoulder straps but then you can tell them, although you cannot see them. One is ends in a square and one ends in a triangle. So, the Lombard which you want to adjust first which are the ones that are squared off. So, if you grab, come back here, grab on to that one, grab on that one, pull forward and down, you are going to feel that snug up on your lower back. Daddy Troy: Oh, Yes. Sure. Jim: Forward, pull it tight, the tighter you pull it, the more comfortable it is going to be on your lower back. Daddy Troy: Okay. Jim: It should feel really good. okay? Then you can tighten these up just a little bit here, your shoulder straps. Daddy Troy: Right here? Jim: Yup, just a little bit. So, it feels good. Daddy Troy: Great. Jim: Then you could take it look at it. Now, you