How to Wash Dishes
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At DadLabs, we believe that there are many tasks that parents should do together. We're just not so sure washing dishes is one of them. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad tackle the subject of dishwashing. Can dad earn a few choreplay points by tackling this house cleaning chore? These dads offer a few cleaning tips to consider when doing the dishes.


Daddy Clay: As parents, there are a multitude of things that you should be doing together collaboratively as a couple. Daddy Troy: Dishes—not one of them. Today’s episode is brought to you by Muchkin, makers of clever baby products. Daddy Clay: Over 20 products that make cleaning your baby’s bottles, cups and accessories much, much easier—Munchkin, it’s the little things. Daddy Troy: Daddy Clay, why should couples not do the dishes together. Daddy Clay: But just a invitation for a class and styles—in my house, for example my wife does the dishes. She shoves everything in there—coffee cups, plates, knives, kinds homework, socks, the hamster cage—she shelves it, she close it up and turns it on. Daddy Troy: And you love it perfectly. Daddy Clay: No, just with less anger. Daddy Troy: Well, because the holidays are coming up, there maybe some low hanging chore play points in play for you, that’s why this week in Dad Labs, we’re doing the dishes. Daddy Clay: As we’ve mentioned before several times, recent studies have shown that chore play works. Couples that spend more time together on a household doing chores also report more frequently doing the nasty, so it makes sense to me to do your part, do your half, but there is nothing wrong with choosing the easier half. And so, until they come up with a drier with matching bowl athletic socks, I'm going for the dishes. Daddy Troy: At our house, the old dishwashers are about to give up the go, so there’s been a lot of hand washing going on. Now if you want to have any hope of getting some chore play action, do now wear these—rubber gloves. Remember that moisturizing can be manly. Alright some tips. First, if you don’t have a double bay sink, get one of these plastic dish tubs, separate your soapy water from your rinse water. Start off doing the baby bottles if you got those and then pop them in the sterilizer, then move on to glasses and plates before you get to the heave stuff. Now if you got a really nasty pot, put some soapy water in there and bring it to a boil. That will do the trick. Now, people say the air drying is the most sanitary method of drying things, but I can’t understand why, because there are lots of germs in the air. Daddy Clay: So we’re here with the gear daddy who actually used to be a rocket scientist Male: That’s true. Daddy Clay: So he’s going to help us maximize the performance of our dishwasher. Male: First thing I want to do is explain to our audience how a dishwasher actually works. It’s really just a basic—it’s a box that water comes in, it heats up, you see that’s heating element right here and then it goes to these arms and sprays all over the dishes and goes out the bottom. You want to load your plates facing inward because of the way the water sprays up from the arms, staggered fashion—high – low, high – low. A few other things that you want to know are when you your flat ware in, don’t put it in such as the flat ware is similar to spoons just like this because the spooning can’t keep all the material on it. And finally, it’s truly important you read your dishwashers manual. I know that they might not be—for some guys, maybe you’d like to do that—experiment, but I would say to read the manual because you always have cool things in your dishwasher, things that will go up and down and they will help you better know the dishwasher and knowing these tricks really helps you get a better and cleaner dish. Daddy Clay: So, where am I going to put in my nice basket here from Munchkin? Male: Oh, there’s a perfect spot right here. Daddy Clay: Right there? Talking to Daddy Troy, it’s making me think it might be time to go for the upgrade. So let’s get s scoop on buying a dishwasher, let’s go and talk to the good folks at Aus-Tex Home Direct. So Ben, if I’m out shopping for a dishwasher right now, what are the really cool features out there that I keep on eye and look for. Ben: And instead of cleaning your dishes you put them in a dishwasher, you can just put them in there and not have to worry about it redistributing all the food. As its washing, the food is going to the bottom and instead of just sitting down there, it’s actually being absorbed in a built-in garbage disposal. Daddy Troy: But you know Daddy Clay, you get back all your chore play points if you don’t unload the dishwasher when it’s finished, before you break a glass or something Daddy Clay: That’s true, but I have to admit that washing dishes is my favorite domestic chore. This makes me nostalgic, all of these—the dishes and the utensil, they have kind of a permanence in our family, for example the salad bowls, the wedding gift, it makes me think back as I'm cleaning these things, I’m taking care of them, you know, they’re like family treasures. It makes me very happy. Daddy Troy: You drink a lot at dinner, don’t you? Daddy Clay: Just a little. Daddy Troy: Yeah, and one of the things I don’t like about doing the dishes happens right during bath time and I love bath time, so my wife and I—we trade off. Daddy Clay: Oh, that’s good, that’s a good compromise. We would like to thank our sponsors—Munchkin, and check out, this is their deluxe bottle brush and hidden right here in the handle—nipple brush right there, cleaning out the nipple. Munchkin—it’s the little things.