How to Wash a Baby's Lower Body
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Follow a step-by-step guide to washing your baby's lower body, beginning with sponge bathing during the first few weeks, caring for the healing umbilical cord and then transitioning to full tub bathing.


Hi! I am Marylou Tietz from Lamaze International and I am showing you how to sponge-bathe your baby. Right now we are going to bathe the lower portion of your baby's body. Begin by bathing the diaper area. Take your wash-cloth, dip it in the water, get a fresh supply of baby wash, and then grasp your baby's ankles together, that allows you good access to the diaper area. Wash from front to back moving very gently through the folds of the skin and making sure you are also getting into the folds of skin around the baby's upper thigh area. You can wrap your wash-cloth around the leg and slide gently down to the feet. When you are washing your baby's feet, always check the toes for discoloration, that maybe an indication of a hair tourniquet which is either one of your own or the baby's fine hair which might have wrapped themselves around one of your baby's toes, causing decrease in circulation. Wash and rinse, and then pat-dry. You've now completed the sponge bath. Your baby is clean from head to toe and we are ready to transition to the full tub bath. Once your baby's umbilical cord has fully healed and fallen off.