How to Use Wood Putty
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Wood filler and wood putty can completely hide holes in stained wood if properly applied. Tim Carter of shows you how to get a perfect finish when using wood putty and carpenters wood filler on stained wood.


Maybe you have got a project coming up soon where you are going to put stain, wood work up, or you are going to build something and you are not going to paint it. You are going to stain it. So how do you hide those narrow holes where you either nail the trim to the wall or maybe connect the pieces of wood together? I will tell you what a lot of people do and they do it wrong is they will potentially put the wood up and then they will fill the hole up with a plastic wood or some other type of compound. Let it dry and then go back and stain it. Big mistake. I will tell you why. Sometimes those compounds that you are filling the hole with, they contain resins and other types of chemicals that actually get in to the wood pores and you create a big blotch on the wood where the stain does not get accepted into the wood. The trick is put the wood filler in after you have stained and urethaned the wood. Let us drive a nail through this piece of wood. Use a counter sunk tool to drive the head of the nail below the surface of the wood and create a hole then we fill it with colored wood putty. They have the consistency of glazing putty if you ever have to fix a window before. The neat thing is that they come in different colors as you can see. Here is a dark brown. Here is kind of a beige one and here is one that is more cherry-colored, anyway, I like the cherry. Making your own color is really simple. Just take a little bit out of each container and you know blend them together until you get a match that works for you. This blend stick product is basically just what it says. It is a lot like kids’ play dough. We actually blend the pieces together to make the color that you need. Just go ahead and use a little screw driver and take some off your finger through the hole and just see what it looks like. You do not have to fill the hole all the way because you just want to see what your color is and if you have to add more color, now is the time to do it. That looks pretty good. Remember, it does not have to be a perfect match because when you stand close to it, it looks one way but when you stand 5 or 6 feet away typically those holes will just disappear into the wood work. Remember, one final coat of urethane over all of the wood work once you are finished and the holes, I guarantee, will disappear. I am Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder. If you want to discover more home improvement tips go to