How to Use Video Chat in Gmail
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You already know that you can use Gmail to send emails. If you've been keeping up with our earlier tutorials, you'll also know that you can use Gmail to chat with other Gmail users. Now we'll show you how to use Gmail video chat to talk to any of your friends who are online! You'll be able to see who's online and who has a webcam, and you'll be able to start a chat whenever you want.


Gmail 401: Graduate studies. Part Seven of Ten: RSS Michael Callahan: Hi, this is Michael Callahan "Doctor File Finder" and welcome to our special 10-part series on Gmail 401 Graduate studies. In this segment, we're going to look at using video chat and audio right from Gmail. You maybe aware that you can do SMS text messaging or regular chat through Google Talk in Gmail. Now, you can also do video. Just go here and there will be a link and the show notes for you, just install voice and video chat, it supports Windows XP or later and Intel base Mac that have OS X, 10.4 or later. Once you have that in there, you'll see if you go down to chat that the icon has a camera next to it, this is assuming that you have a webcam connected to part of your computer. It's going to be a little weird because I'm going to contact myself from my Mac but I want you to be able to see everything that goes on. Like you see, I've contacted myself and I can ignore or answer. Now, picture that's me here, you know, me's is down smaller and the image of the person that you would be talking to would be here larger. You click here and again Pop-out which brings the message out, so that it's separate, you can also type text right here, bear in mind we were talking to an actual other person, they would be in this image here and this would be view down here. So this is extremely handy, if you want you can mute and for friends or colleagues that don't have a video camera, you can do just audio. So this is a powerful way to use video right from within Gmail, keep in mind, this is a multiple part series and be sure to watch all 10-parts. Gmail 401: Graduate studies.