How to Use the Phone Book on LG Cookie Kp500
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Add contacts and edit them using our full tutorial guide for your LG Cookie KP500 by The Human Manual.

Transcript Male Speaker: Welcome to the In this video tutorial we'll show you how to find your phone book. Tap the contacts icon on the screen, here you will find all your contacts with their names and numbers and by tapping the green phone symbol this will call your decide contact. From contacts tap the menu icon, then tap send message, this will give you the option of sending your contact a text message or an email. Now select speed dials, choose an empty slot and then select which one of your contacts you wish to add to the speed dial. You can also create and view your own business card, sort or filter your contacts and even forward all your contacts via Bluetooth. Another way of going into your speed dial menu is to tap the menu icon, then speed dial, you can access your phone book through the phones menu, tap menu then select contacts. From here you can search review, create contact groups and adjust your settings, tap groups. Placing contacts into groups is a easy way of sending group text messages or recognizing your contact by the group ringtone. In order to see your memory status select information then select memory info, this will show you how many contacts you have saved on your phone or your SIM card memory. And you can add your own contact information and share this with people that you meet. To add a new contact tap add contact, from here you can select where you wish to have the contact to be stored either phone memory or SIM card memory, using the SIM memory will limit the amount of information that can be stored for a contact. We will save our contact to our handset memory. You can add avatars to your contacts as shown in the video. Now enter your contacts name, number and several other details including fax and email addresses. You can even put your contacts into groups to distinguish between family and colleagues for instance. Once you have finished typing your number press save. Whilst viewing a contact you can either quickly call them or send them a text message using the shortcut icons on the screen. Here we are going to send our contact a text message. A quick way to add a contact to your phone book is type their number. Then once you have finished typing tap the menu icon on the top left and then select save number, then choose whether you're adding this number to an existing contact or creating a whole new contact. Tap menu then select contacts and now select settings, tap contact list settings from here you can choose your storage location SIM or handset memory and how you would like to view your contact. You can also choose the quick command icon which is on the right hand side of each contact. We will select message. As you can see the icon has changed to a messaging icon rather then a caller icon. You can also copy, move or send all your contacts via Bluetooth. We hope you enjoyed our video, if you have any questions please click on the online technical support link on the left hand side of this video. Many thanks from