How to Use the iPad as an ebook Reader
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We continue our how to use the iPad video tutorial series and iPad new user guide with a close look at the iBooks app and store. Here, you can download ebooks for the iPad, browse your collection and comfortably read books on the iPad's 9.7 inch touchscreen.


Butterscotch Tutorial Special iPad 101 Part four of ten: Using the iPad as an eBook reader with iBooks. Andrew Moore-Crispin: Hi, this is Andrew Moore-Crispin with your tutorial series on using a new iPad, iPad 101. Now, today we're going to take a look at using your iPad as an eBook reader, which is one of the killer apps that's Steve Jobs mentioned when he first announced the device. So we can see here we have the iBooks application already downloaded to our device. Now, by default the iBooks application doesn't actually come preinstalled, it something that we have to choose to install from the app store. The first time we enter the app store, we will be prompted to download the iBooks applications or we can choose to do that later. But it is definitely worth a look. Now, you can see the initial view that you get on your library, when you first launch the device you will be prompted that you can actually download Winnie the Pooh which is a free book that comes on the device. So now we can we can actually scroll through our library here if we had, if we have more books on our shelves we will be able to go up and down here. We can also choose to get a list view, by tapping on the list icon in the top right here. Just go back to the bookshelf view because it's just looks nicer. So we can choose to tap to launch any of our books. It will take us to the last page we were actually reading and we can flip through pages like this. We can also choose to skip sections and chapters, you can see here chapter eight, nine, ten here, and we can go through that way, to kind of quickly go through our books. We can also change font sizes and font type or search for a word with in the, with in the book so, for example, we can search for Pooh, and it will show us obviously there is going to be lot of references to Pooh in this book given that it is a Winnie the Pooh book. Let's go back to our library and have a look at how we are going to actually go about downloading new iBooks. So tap on the store icon on the top left here, and we get an interface it looks very much like the app store that will probably are familiar with. So you can see here some highlighted books that they are featuring, you can see here we have friction on the top here, we also have nonfiction down here. On the very bottom of the library we can choose to search for books that are 10 bucks or less, Bestselling books, Free Books and all this kind of stuff. We can also access different parts of our account or redeem an iTunes gift cards if we have one of those. Now, we can see what's being featured up here we can tap underneath of these to go and get little bit more information. But in this case we are going and have a quick look across the bottom here, so we have like I said the featured view on the iBook store also have the New York times best seller list, so we can tap on any of these to get a little more information. Top selling charts, you can see here you can see some free books on the right hand side here and we can also check out any books that we purchased which we clearly haven't done yet. So let's go have a look here and we will actually choose the download one of the free books. Now, you will see a lot of these kinds of books in the free books store obviously that they haven't spent a lot of time pulling together cover art and all that kind of stuff what we are really getting is a public domain book that they've just want a kind of put a bare-minimum-effort in to which I suppose it's understandable. So in this case, we're going to download The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Like you see first we tap on free and then we tap on get book. Now, in this case we've already associated the device with our iTunes account, I don't mind showing you my password because as after today it will be changed one, two, three, four, five, six which is quite possibly the worst password in existence. And now we can see our book is actually downloaded. So we can tap on the book to launch, and read it just like we would any other, any other book in our library, and let's go back and have another quick look at the iTune or at the iBook store and look at downloading paid books. So you can tap here we can actually, sorry we can tap on the heading itself and we get a brief description of what the books all about, we can see ratings down here, we could choose to add our own rating. You can read some reviews that the other people who've read the book have put down here. If we are sold we can tap on the button here to buy now or you can go back to the store, choose to get a sample, and if we choose to get a sample, we'll get a little bit of the book to actually read, so we can just have a quick look and see if it's something that's going to be interest to us, in this case, we have about 35 pages of the book to kind a get a feel for if it something we want. And when we're reading we also have a buy button in the top here that we can just tap to purchase the book. That's a quick look at using you iPad as an eBook reader and the iBook store and that concludes part four of a iPad 101 series. Be sure hit up the show notes on for a more detail and for all the parts. Butterscotch tasty tech, delicious downloads. a division of Tucows.