How to use Krylon Exterior Wood Stain
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Mark Donovan of reviews and demonstrates the use of Krylon's Exterior Wood Stain. Krylon's exterior wood stain is applied via a convenient spray can and is ideal for small exterior wood projects such as wood chairs and benches.


Krylon Exterior Wood Stain from a Spray Can by Hi, I’m Mark Donovan from and today I’m going to be applying a Krylon exterior wood stain spray paint on this full pump frame structure that I have. This type of spray paint stain is excellent for small exterior projects that you might have around your yard such as lattice work, wooden chairs, wooden benches and other small exterior wood type projects. When applying exterior stain, you want to make sure the outside temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and that the relative humidity is below 85% and there should be little to know when. Prior to staining the exterior wood, you want to make sure it’s absolutely clean and free of mildew or mold any other type of debris and you also want to tape off anything that you don’t want to have spray paint. Prior to applying the stain, you want to make sure you shake the can vigorously for about two minutes. When applying any type of sprays, paints or spray stain on this particular case, it’s always wise to wear eye protection. It’s always best to test the small area of your project with a stain first to make sure you get the right appearance and look before attacking the entire project. When you go to use the spray, make sure you hold the can about eight inches away from the surface that you’re trying to apply the stain to. When spraying the stain, I like to make short quick strokes back and forth across the surface area and you can apply the amount sufficient enough to the color that you want to see. The nice thing about this exterior spray stain is that it dries in about 15 minutes. So we’ve you apply one coat we’re going to give it about 15 to 20 minutes and then apply our second coat to get it to the level of color that we’re looking for. We’re making nice, steady, even strokes back and forth along the surface of the area with a nice consistent appearance. So, we apply the second coat of stain to the wood framing structure and again within 15 minutes it was dry. So, the other small wood stain project to do such as a wood chair, exterior wood chair or bench consider a Krylon exterior wood stain, much easier to apply than using a brush or a rag and it dries extremely quickly. So, if you have any other home improvements question, visit us at today.