How to Use Golf GPS to Score Better on Par 3
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In this video PGA Tour Caddie Mark Long provides advice with the all-new Sky Caddie SGX to plan your shots on a Par 3. This advice will lead to lower scores and more enjoyable golf.


I’m here with the news guy Cady SGX. we’ve got a great feature on here called hole view and I’m going to show you it does exactly what we do on tour. When you step on the TV with whole view you get a nice aerial image of the entire hole, I’m going to par 3, I’ve got a pin cutter over the left front bunker. Povia features a nice zoom in graphic of the area around the green, we’ve got a water hazard out there, we’ve got a clear, and we’ve got some green side bunkers. The first thing in tour pro wants to know from this Cady is how far is it over the left bunker, what’s my cover number. So as you can see we’ve got a great little cursor we can move around on the SGX and we can pop it right on top of that bunker and it’s a hundred 68 yards to carry the sand trap. What he’s going to do is pick a club to get over that bunker and take it out of place, essentially kind of eliminate it. It has a 24 handicapper use Povia to help them out, if it’s a short shot they kind of probably want to know what it is over the bunker as well. But let’s say your concern with the water hazard in front. I’ve got some high reads I don’t know how close that’s get to the green, I can’t see it. It looks like there’s a fairway short at the green that I can hit in to safely but I don’t know how big it is because it’s a flat whole and I just really can’t see it. It’s just clears day on Povia graphic. You can see the fairway is actually pretty large and it’s well over the water. The water is actually more to the right than it is in front of you when you get out there. So I can move my cursor down and I can know it’s 139 yards to carry to the fairway and then I can go over here and say oh it’s about a 157 yards to the front of the green, instead of having that 176 yards shots on all the green which might intimidate me. I’ve got a 140 yards shot to get to the fairway and dry land even though I might hit the right club anyway while I’m playing the course if I’m more confident about it and I know what to do, I’ve got a better chance to make a good swing.