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Digital photography expert Lisa Bettany shows you how to get your photos seen by the world with Flickr and Flickr: Explore!


If you're a budding photographer, I have a great site for you. It’s called Flickr, just go to and you’ll need a Yahoo ID to sign up. Once you get in, you want to upload your photos right away. The easiest thing to do is go up to the You tab. And you can see upload photos and videos. So once you got your photos uploaded, the first things you want to do are title and tag your photo with a relevant keyword. That way people who are searching on Google and on Flickr will be able to find your photos. So I've titled this photo with AJ, model, beautiful, beauty, cool, sort of general words that people will type in and searches. Another cool thing about Flickr is the community. And so what I like to do with each of my photos is tell something a little bit about the photo. So in this case I've given the camera settings and told why I took this picture and who it’s for. And then people can comment below. And this really helps to get your photo out there and develop a community of people that are supporting your work. So as a photographer, with your photos online. You're really looking to get it out to as many people as possible. And one of the great things about Flickr is that every day it chooses 500 of its best images and showcases it on a site called Explore. So on this site, you can just search and sort of see the best photos and what people are doing and it immediately gets you a lot of views. If you're a photographer that wants to get your photos notice, I recommend joining