How to Use Dog Activity Toys Safely
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Learn how to make homemade stuffed dog toys - How to Use an Activity Toy Safely.


Hi! I am Victoria Schade, I am a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and the Creator of the Puppy Training DVD New Puppy! Now What? Today, I’ve gone over a bunch of different ways you can stuff activity toys to keep your dog constructively busy. Now, there are a few pointers that have to do with safety. Number one, you want to gauge your dogs chewing ability. There are certain dogs that are very veracious chewers and they could chew through this type of plastic. So, when you are first giving activity toys make sure to supervise it and see just how strong your dogs jaws are. If you live in a multi-dog household you want to make sure to supervise your two dogs as they play and chew on these activity toys because if they start to scuffle, it might be a good idea to separate them, and my last little tip is, Do as I say not as I do. Clean out your activity toys, its really simple to take a mess like this and just soak it for a bit in the sink or even put it into the dishwasher and it will be good as new. And lastly, really important question, how often can you give activity toys to your dog? If you give things like your dogs regular meal ration and just kibble like this, you could actually give him an activity toy twice a day at every meal. Just put this kibble in and let him work on that instead of giving him his food from a bowl. Now, you if you are giving them more high fat type of treats like cheese and that sort of thing limited it to maybe a couple of times a week because you want your dogs waistline growing. Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for stuffing activity toys and I hope your dog enjoys it even more. Thanks!