How to Use Audio in Sprout?
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How Do I Use Audio in my Sprout? In this video, we are going to talk about how to use audio in your Sprout. Audio is the component that allows you to add a single track of audio to your Sprout. In this Morgan Freeman for President Sprout, I am adding the audio of a speech he made when the asteroid was about to hit the earth. If you would like to add multiple tracks, you want to check out the Jukebox video. Audio is located under the Components panel under Media. And as always, we can click or drag it in to the center of our Sprout. By double clicking on the object, I bring up the Add Media window, which in turn, it takes me to the Assets panel. At this point, I am just dragging in the MP3 that I would like to add. [Demo] I can position it anywhere I would like on the Sprout and now, I have my options. I can enable or disable auto play or choose whether or not it loops or the other multi page Sprout, you can change the pages as soon as the audio is done playing. [Demo] You can select which times appear on the control panel and select what volume the audio starts playing it. And as always, we can change the color of the control bar itself and the icons. And of course, we can change it to any size we would like. [Demo] Then, click on Preview at any times to see how it looks. [Demo] And that is how you add audio to your Sprout.