How to Use a Table Topper
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Would you let your kid eat of off the table at a restaurant? Have you seen the rags they use to clean those things? Worry no more. Table Toppers allow your kid to eat germ free at any restaurant, anywhere.


Daddy Troy: I do not know about you but whenever I’m in a restaurant, I can’t trust how clean the tables are and my kid eats and her food gets all over the table and she starts to eat the stuffs that is on the table, it is really gross and it makes me worry that shes going to get sick from the table. So we are here with Mary Lyn from Neat Solutions and they have a neat solution. Mary Lyn: We haven’t been to TableTopper about 12 years ago and this is a product that stays in place when you are dining out with your child, that is great for restaurants as well as parks and zoos, you just take off the plastic, put it in front of the child, sticks in place, peel this off. Sometimes we like to put it at the edge of the table because those little fingers get everywhere. So now you have a nice place for the child to eat up, it’s nice and clean, in addition to that, our designs are educational in nature, which in the market survey was the number one thing that parents like, they like to have things to talk to their children about. So as they are waiting for their food, they could talk about colors, they could talk about rhyming words, we have a variety of different designs to go along with that. And new for 2008, we’ve got the Baby Einstein product which is 100% biodegradable and it starts to decompose in nine months. Daddy Troy: Well thanks a lot Mary Lyn from Neat Solutions, and what is your website? Mary Lyn: Its Daddy Troy: And we’ll have a link from that from the Dadlabs site as well so, thanks a lot Mary Lyn. Mary Lyn: Thanks a lot.