How to Use a Coupon Code in an Online Shopping Cart System
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This episode covers how to use a coupon code in a shopping cart system. It's normally pretty simple, but sometimes even the simplest of things can become tedious, so it's nice to have a refresher from time to time. :) We hope this will save you hassles when you purchase something and allow you to get the discounts you deserve.


How to Use a Coupon Code in an Online Shopping Cart System The Mike Murdock: Hi its Mike Murdock with DocMurdock and the technology show on the Women’s Information Network Briefly this episode today which we wanted to shore with you how to enter a coupon code into a shopping cart? And I’m on my website right now but what I wanted to share with you are sometimes you’ll receive things in email from people so for example I actually said that an email today to people to talk about black Friday specials are actually doing my early this year, Black Friday is coming up this week for Thanksgiving and so we wanted to do wishes out a quick little deal to people. And so what I did was I said you know we’re knocking $300 off the price of this package and here’s a code to enter minus quote when you get into your shopping cart. So when somebody goes to shopping cart they simply enter in what is equivalent to 300 off and that takes $300 off the price of the package. What people forget to do when they get in to a shopping cart is where T as they forget to click the apply button and then they go ahead and pay and then they’ll see the discount and wonder why the discount doesn’t appear. So just very quickly if you were to have received this email you would click this link right here where it says website shopping cart. Okay, notice the tiny URL banner pops up that shows that I’ve changed a very, very long link into the very tiny one. So if I just simply click on that it will open a page up and if you were very quick on the draw and you can shorten or excuse me go back and rewind the video here you could actually see it change, it will show the tiny URL and then it will change this very long URL. Okay so I don’t want to put that in the email and I open to the short one and what it does is send this is brings you this page I created in my shopping cart very simply allows people to purchase this package. Now normally when you purchase it it’s a thousand dollars so we created a coupon code and you type in 300 off and it could be upper or lower case and simply click apply and what that does then is it first of all it gives you an indication its says one your coupon has been applied. Two you’ll notice the $300 check mark and then over here on the right you’ll notice the discount has been applied. Okay so now from a thousand dollars down to 700. The beautiful part about this is what will happen si sometimes you’ll have beautiful part. The sad part about it is when you get in to the cart you’re generally in a hurry and you’re running through things and sometimes you won’t even read the information up here because its actually additional steps you want to do but what happens is when you enter the code you just simply enter the code 300 off and what happens is people will enter it. They wont’ click the apply, they’ll just simply say check out. Well when you go to check out notice the price difference its going to say it’s a thousand dollars okay. Its going to give you another opportunity here to enter that code so if we simply enter that here you will then once you click apply see the discount apply. Okay, so that’s another thing to do, remember before completely settling in your payment information always check for a coupon code. Now in the case of this pick your package if you were to have come and gotten this package you would actually right click on this and go to a link to another website you would right click on it, open it in a new tab or a new window and that would open up the next site which allows you to decide that for the shopping cart description because in this case this is a 4 page website with a shopping cart set up on trading but you need a shopping cart package separate so anyway that’s briefly how to enter a coupon code into a shopping cart. If you click remove that removes it and obviously that removes a discount as well and it gets back to what it was so you want it entering in just to enter right in click apply. It applies the discounts to that and that’s how you avoid not getting your discounts when you show up to purchase something from a website so if you ever offered that in a email that’s how you avoid the problem. Always click the apply button when you enter a coupon code. This is Doc Murdock for technology show on the Women’s Information Network and we’ll see you in cyberspace.