How to Use a Calendar in Sprout
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How Do I Use a Calendar in my Sprout?000a000aSprout Builder is the Quick and Easy way to create sophisticated multimedia content. Our builder requires no flash programming skills. Check out for more information.


How Do I Use a Calendar in my Sprout? In this video tutorial, we will show you how to use and customize the calendar component. Open the general tab in the Components panel and drag out a calendar icon. A calendar appears on your canvas and automatically displays a calendar of the current month with the current day highlighted but no custom events. If you want to customize calendar that displays your own meetings, times and information on the event, you must create an iCalendar. Once you have created this iCalendar, copy and paste the URL address into the iCalendar URL field box. The calendar component will now load the information from the iCalendar site into your Sprout. Now, that the calendar has been updated, you can customize the appearance of your calendar. You can choose from many color choices. You can change the background, the border of your calendar, and the text. Disabled changes the color of dates that do not have anything schedule. This makes important dates bolder. [Demo] Hover changes the color behind the date when you hover it with your mouse. Change the day, changes the color of the current date’s background. Arrow changes the color of the arrows at the top of the calendar, which are used to change the month displayed. Header one and header two change the color of the current month’s display. These two color options allow you to create a gradient. The last two options calendar font and list font changes the size of the text in your calendar body and the size of the text from the information window respectively. [Demo] We can go down and click on Preview at any time to see it all in action. [Demo] And that is how you make a calendar in your Sprout.