How to Treat Diaper Rash
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Learn how to prevent and treat diaper rash (also known as Nappy rash).


Speaker: What causes nappy rash? Speaker 2: Nappy rash can be caused by baby's nappy not being changed often enough. If they have been sitting in their nappy for a long time, it can be from the foods that have been digested. So if it is breast milk that might be coming from the mother maybe having too much acid or juices that's going through to the baby's skin making the urine very acidic and so that's actually burning the baby's skin and things like that if they are sitting in it for longer. Speaker: So really should change the nappy how often? Speaker 2: As regularly as they are soiled or as if you can. Speaker: What are some of goods things to sort of treat nappy rash? Speaker 2: Treating nappy rash -- Speaker: Airing I suppose. Speaker 2: Yeah, the best thing is just letting the baby skin get the air, so keeping them nice and clean, making sure that when you have washed the baby that you keep -- you either dry them properly because some babies can get nappy rash in their wrinkles of groin and of their legs if they got little rolls of fat. So keeping children dry and keeping them out of the nappy for a while, just using very simple products like a mineral based oils like olive oil and grape seed oil, wheat germ oil things like that can be absorbed into the baby's skin very easily can give a little barrier to the baby skin. Severe nappy rash sometimes needs to be treated with different kind of product that has got antibacterial in. So something a bit more astringent occasionally but some softer things like calendula and things like that are very helpful for minor, minor rashes but airing is the best way. Speaker: Keeping it try. How long up to what age, should a baby be wearing nappies? Speaker 2: There is no particular school of thought really on whether baby should be out of nappies by certain thing. People start probably trying at different ages. You can start probably trying as early as four or five months old just keep putting baby on the little potty and just building up gradually and gradually. But some people wait longer and it really depends on the baby and the development of the baby. Speaker: Thanks so much Carly (ph) for coming on the show; you have shared a great wealth of information about the diverse range of nappies that are out there. Thank you for coming on the show; I have to see you again.