How to Treat Bedwetting
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Summer sleep-away camps can be stressful for children with common medical conditions such as uncontrolled bed-wetting but this does not need to be the case. All accredited camps have systems in place so that a child’s medical condition does not become public knowledge.


Female Speaker: With summer just around the corner, parents are once again thinking of how their children will spend the three months off school. Many opt to send their kids to summer sleepaway camps. This experience can be both exciting and fearful for children especially kids who battle common medical conditions like asthma and uncontrolled bedwetting. Half a million Canadian children ages five years and older wet their bed on a regular basis. A recent survey reveals that more than 50% of Canadian parents say that bedwetting is the most stressful condition even more so than anxiety and obesity. Aruna Ogale: Camp is going to develop a Childs like skills. They are going to make lifelong memories and friendships that camp, that are going to help in careers and all kinds of things that kids are going to do for the rest of their lives. The choice that some parents face, if their children have medical conditions is really thinking that may be camp is going to be welcoming to their children. the fact is that accredited camps across Canada work to make sure that camp is a great environment for all children and that medical conditions are dealt within a very private and discrete manner and that all kids have the time of their lives at camp. Female Speaker: Dr. Norman Wolfish, a pediatric nephrologist from the children's hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa has been treating children for nocturnal enuresis or uncontrolled bedwetting for the last 42 years. Dr. Norman wolfish: The first step in treating a child, who wets the bed, is to try and gain the child's confidence. These children have very poor self-esteem and it's very important that they recognize that this is not their fault. The various kinds of treatments that have been approved by both the World Health Organization and the Canadian Pediatrics Society consist of either the wet alarm or tablets called DDAVP. DDAVP is now available in a new formulation called the Melt, a very effective product exactly the same as the body's messenger and works in the same way and that is reducing the total amount of urine that reaches the bladder. This is a small tablet that melts almost immediately in the mouth. This is important because, the child does not require any water. It also may be very discreet and this is very, very comfortable for the child if they have to go to a sleep over camp. Female Speaker: This year, nearly 52% of Canadian parents planned to send one or more of there children to sleepaway camp. 58% said that if there was new treatment for bedwetting, they would likely have their child try it. For more information about bedwetting and available treatment options, parents were encouraged to speak with their child's pediatrician. Additional information can also be found online at bedwetting. Sherry reporting.