How to Treat A Kid's Cold The Natural Way
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Learn how to easily and effectively treat your little ones' cold. The Go-To Mom has good old fashioned remedies that help. Kimberley uses natural ways to help her kids when they're sick.


Kimberly Clayton Blaine: With the variety of kids’ cold medications being pulled from the shelves, I bet you are wondering what your options are for when your child comes down sick. My little guy has been sent for me several days now and I know for me some of the remedies that have worked for lots of other mummies work for me, such as using a humidifier being sure your child gets plenty of fluids, vitamin C and rest. Using a suction ball to gently clear clogged noses and saline drops to loosen thick mucous and it doesn’t hurt, it add a nice warm bath to ventilate the sinuses. Both of my boys are allergy sufferers, so I need to keep their passage ways clear and did you know that salt water can actually clear colds, I know that when I have sinus problems my doctor tells me to rinse with the saline and salt solution that how in the world I am going to get my boys to sit still from that. That’s where this hidden gem comes in, it’s called boogie wipes. Don’t you just love that name, these aren’t your average wipes, these are saline-based hypoallergenic and they are alcohol free what mom wouldn’t love that. Two awesome moms created this great product so you know it’s got to work. They are made with natural saline to easily remove crusted boogies. If I wipe my kid’s nose too many times, they end up getting fever blisters on the inside so these wipes have truly been a life saver. The vitamin E in aloe helps prevent your child from getting a chapped nose. I love our boogie wipes so much that I keep them in my purse for myself, I have them in my car, I use them to wipe my kids’ hands and faces, but don’t tell anyone, they even have one for the entire family, magic menthol with eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils, the menthol scent opens the sinuses right up. So the next time your child get sick try some of these good old fashion remedies along with some chicken noodles soup and be sure you have a stash of boogie wipes on hand. For more information, visit Boogie wipes can be purchased at retailers nationwide and if you visit their website, you can get a dollar off coupon. For more information on kids’ health and parenting, visit