How to Tie a Water Knot
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Ali teaches you how to tie a water knot, ideal for webbing rope.


Here I've got some climbing webbing. A lot of times you notice that you have to tie two ends of webbing together to make a loop that sticks. Now a square knot doesn’t really work with webbing. It will slip through, so you need a water knot. A lot of your webbing will have a dash line to help orient yourself to which end you’re working with. First thing I'm going to do is lay out my webbing to get the twist out. Once I know that it’s not twisted first thing I'm going to do is take that piece of webbing with the dash line up about four inches and just tie an overhand loop. Once I've got my overhand loop the dash line is up on the other end. I'd take the dash line and I just trace it back. That way I know there's no twist in my webbing and I just go in through where the end comes out and trace back the overhand knot making sure not to cross it. It should just be like as if you’re taping one piece to the other. Trace it all the way back and through, one dash line on top of the other until you have a single overhand loop and then you just cinch it tight. Make sure you leave at least two inches of tail on each end so your knot doesn’t come loose. If you have to dress up your knot do so but you’ve got a pretty strong knot right there. That’s the water knot.