How to Tie a Thumb Knot
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How to tie a Thumb Knot. Instructions on how to tie a Thumb Knot by - More info at - Thumb Knot - fishing knot


The Thumb Knot Welcome to a fishing knot instruction video from In this video I will show you how to tie a thumb knot and you start out by threading the eye of the hook with the line and then pull the tag end, so you have something to work with. You will need a quite long tag end for this knot. So pull a good tag end there and then you pass the tag end over the standing part like that, so you form a small loop up here and then at the cross holder, you grab the cross holder with your thumb and you index finger and don't do it by the ends of the fingers like this, but try to grab it more in here, so you get it, you get a little bit of a distance to the edge of the finger and you will see Y in a bit. So you grab that like that and now you can just forget about the hook and the loop for a while and focus on the tag end, because what you will do is that you will take the tag end and you will wrap it around your thumb and you will do so by grabbing it and then put it in here. So it comes from there and goes in here, it looks more complicated than it actually is. And then wrap it around your thumb and then come back and you will do three wraps in total, that was one more and come back and do one final wrap, oops, the tag end is getting a little short here, but I think we will work it out. Just like that and come all the way around, so you have three wraps around your thumb and now you can let go of the wraps. You can sort of slide them off your thumb like this. So you can get a little bit of a gap in there and then take the tag end and put it through all three wraps, like this. It comes like that and now you can see that the tag end is coming out, just going through all three wraps and now you can hold on to the wraps with your right hand and grab the tag end and hold on to the standing part as well and now when you pull the tag end, you will form the knot. Now when you pull both the tag end and the standing part, you will pull the knot tight and it will slide down to the eye of the hook and when you pull the tag end, you will pull the knot tight, just like that. All you need to do now is to trim the tag end and you are done. That is how you tie a thumb knot. If you want to learn how to tie more fishing knots, you are welcome to stop by our website. We have instructions for tying more than 70 different fishing knots. You will find us at