How to Throw a Ladies' Pink Poker Party
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Description's Lifestyle Party Expert Jeanne Benedict of demonstrates how to throw a Pink Poker Party, perfect for a girls' night, bridal shower or bachelorette celebration.


I love fabric especially something with a little life to it. So when I found the sparkling pink felt at a fabric store, I instantly knew that was going to top my table from my girls only pink poker party. Every great part starts with a great invite and it was easy to make this one with my computer software program. This program has a cards category with invitation templates where I found the perfect design for this party a pink Martini. They walk you through typing the party info with an insert text here box and you see I’m putting my own little title on this affair. And then to customize the text, I highlight it with my cursor, go over to the left margin, choose the size font I want, and the color pink. I’ve printed the invite on photo paper and I’m going to accent it with a party sticker. This pad is great. It has a bunch of styles to choose from about five stickers per style. So as a final touch on a cool pretty design invitation printed using a computer program, it makes it so easy. I think that looks great for the girls but I’m not stopping there. I’m making a little jacket for the invite with pink card stock and then I am jazzing it up with one favorite products, silver foiled tape. You buy this on a roll on the hardware store. It has a self adhesive backing that you just peel off and it’s suppose to be used for docks but you know what I have bigger plans for it as fancy trim on invite. And you want to smooth that any wrinkles with your fingernail or a craft stick. I’ll put my invite in place and then the show stopper on this guy is this fabulous pink poker chip with a silver jackpot coin inside that I found online at the poker underground for about 15 box for 50 of them. Just tuck through the chip on the invitation. Wouldn’t you love to get that in the mail? I’m also making personalized drink charms out of the poker chips. First thing you need to do is use a high speed drill like a dribble to make a little hole in the chip. Now I have my poker chip, jump rings, and earring hoops that I got in the jewelry making section of the craft store. Use needle nose pliers to open the jump ring and slip it in to the drilled hole in the poker chip. Close up the gap in the jump ring completely. Slip the earring hoop through the jump ring and use the pliers to bend a little hook on the end of the hoop. They sell them with auto hooks so you can slide on beads if you like which would look great on this. I use a round white sticker in my computer to make a name label on the chip and then dress up your glassware so cool. Now to personalize your felt table tap with a girl’s night logo, you’re going to get computer printable fabric sheets from a craft of fabric store. Select the oval shape from the drawing toolbar of Microsoft Word or your software program. Select the text box and put it over the oval and type back your text. Highlight the text with a cursor and then go to the top tool bar and select your font size. Then highlight the text again, select the text color pink. I also made the over line pink and a little thicker. Now you’re ready to print. Here’s a tip. Gently guide the fabric with your hand at first so it goes through evenly and doesn’t jam, and use one sheet at a time. The other great thing about this fabric sheets is that they have a fusible backing so you can iron them on to your fabric. Be sure to read the package directions and of course iron on an iron board and not on your nice table. As a party favor, I used crystal letters to crystal spell out guest names on pink tissue line to take out boxes and fill them with chips. So everyone was ready to play when they arrive and have a really fun night out with the girls.