How to Throw a Kid's Circus Birthday Party: Invitations
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You'll have more fun than you ever imagined when you create this Circus-themed birthday party for your kids! Watch all the how-to videos for this party for tips on: fun & games, balloon arches, invitations, and putting together favor packs.


[Music playing] Hi, I am jean Benedict of Here at a circus themed birthday party. No matter your theme is, every party has its basics from the invitations to the décor. Here are some invitation ideas to make yours a real show stopper. For this party, I made a circus tent invitation. You open up the flaps and there is party info right inside. Now to make this, you just cut two pieces of paper, card stuff and then stripe the paper into a tent shape and I gave this a bit of a flared bottom. Then you cut the striped paper into three pieces. Cut a triangular portion off the top and then cut a rectangle in half. So that is three pieces and then you put it all together with double stick tape. I made a party information card using my computer. We will double stick tape on the back of that, right like that and that goes right in the middle of the card stock. We will double stick tape on the top here and this is where the tent triangle goes, just like that. Then some double stick tape right along the sides, here is one, there is the other and that is going to hold the tent walls right in place. You could trim that up a fancy trim, there you go and you see for this one, balloon stickers and ribbon finishes it off. Now you can use the same kind of paper crafting technique to make a doll house invitation which would be perfect for a little girl’s tool. Another party things for popular parties, western party. All I did here was take double stick tape, put bandana paper, western thin paper onto a thin piece of cardboard about the size of a large postcard. Use hot glue to attach a denim packet on front, roll up invitation right here and for a pirate party, a message in a bottle. See the invites right there with some sand and shells and a little sticker on the front. A great invitation is just a perfect way to make any kid’s party a real celebration. A creative invitation is the first step to throw in a great party. I am Jean Benedict and to learn more, click on kids parties at