How to Throw a Kid's Circus Birthday Party: Fun and Games
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You'll have more fun than you ever imagined when you create this Circus-themed birthday party for your kids! Watch all the how-to videos for this party for tips on: fun & games, balloon arches, invitations, and putting together favor packs.


[Music Playing] Hey, I am Jean Benedict of and the circus in town for this party. This party is packed with activities and I have got some cool ideas to spark the kid’s creativity. This is chalk cloth, it is a fabric that you write you on with chalk and then it erases with a damp sponge. You get it at the fabric store just like any other material and you cut it into a placemat shape, you glue festive trim around the border, fun craft. Also, it is great as a party favor with chalk rolled up inside. Something else that I love for kid’s craft table are designing your own puzzles and the kids can write on this with crayons or markers. Also, this big one, I got that from, it comes with an iron-on-transfer sheets. The kids draw pictures on them and you send the picture and the puzzle home for mom to iron it together. And finally, not magnet crafts are always a big hit. We have gone way beyond the bouncy house for this party by renting an inflatable playground from magic jump rentals in Burbank, California. Now, this is a great way to go for younger kids because it is a little less rough than the traditional bouncy. We also rented a cotton candy machine and popcorn machine and let me tell you it really gives this party a circus feel. Now, I put together a craft’s table and a mini-golf course. All I did was to go to the hardware store, buy some green artificial turf and cut it into putting greens. For the clubs and the balls, just take your local sports store or , you know, borrow some from the miniature golf place and a little fun that core makes it more challenging and real press setup. There is so much to do here. This party is packed with fun. I am Jean Benedict and to learn more about our party, just visit kid’s parties at