How to Test Breast Milk for Alcohol
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Julie from Upspring Baby demonstrates how to test breast milk for alcohol, protect your baby from SIDS, and help the little one to learn to walk without ruining dad's back. Plus the mompreneur story behind this cool company. DadLabs Ep. 401 Distributed by Tubemogul.


Host: Hey! Welcome back to The Lab. This week we got a really special episode. We got Julie Jomunville from UpSpring Baby. She is the Chief Product Officer. She is going to walk us through the incredibly thoughtful, smart, cool product line that they got at that local Austin Company. So, thanks for coming in home slice. Julie Jomunville: Absolutely. Glad to be here. Host: Yes. Julie Jomunville: Thanks for taking the time. Host: Glad to be here with a cool mom-preneur. Who is got some excellent products. Will you talk to us a little bit about what UpSpring is all about? Julie Jomunville: Sounds good! I am going to start first with milk screen. It is the first ever test to detect for the presence of alcohol in breast milk. So, if mom gets to a special occasion, goes to a wedding, has something going on where it calls for that glass of wine, she can now know when that breast milk has left her system. Host: You know, I love this because dads, we are in favor of that glass of wine, are we not? The breast feeding mom, we want her to be relaxed and happy. Julie Jomunville: Correct! Host: So now, it is not just a pump and dump situation, right? She does not have to just, as soon as she has a drink, she will just pump that milk out and dump it out. Julie Jomunville: That is correct! As moms we can error on the side of cushion and we worry about our kids because of our number one products. So, and we finally created something in patent to the product where mom, there is no gas working. Every woman’s metabolism is different and here we have something that can easily tell her how much alcohol is in her system. Host: Can you get pulled over for BWI? Julie Jomunville: You know what, I have not heard of that yet. Host: Breast-feeding while intoxicated. How about LWI? Lactating while intoxicated. Julie Jomunville: I think it is BWI. Host: BWI. Julie Jomunville: To date, I am not sure if I have seen a case of that yet. Host: Well, really this is very helpful and it is one of those products that make day-to-day life easier. Julie Jomunville: It does. Host: For breast feeding moms. Julie Jomunville: You just decide to create this piece of mind product and actually it is doing really well. Host: Because in some instances, I have heard some folks say that having a beer or a glass of wine for a lactating mom is actually a good thing. Julie Jomunville: It is a good thing and I think, you know, some people say it is wife’s tale but if you talk to a lactating consultant. I think, what they are really shooting for is to get that kind of mom to be calm and help with that let down because as we know being a mom and being parent is pretty nerve wracking. Host: Really? Maybe for some of you. Julie Jomunville: [Laughs] Host: Tell me about this product. What is this right here? Julie Jomunville: Okay. This right here is a nightknight. Host: That is the word on the chain mail. Julie Jomunville: Exactly, you got it. So, this is the first ever portable measuring monitor. It goes straight on babies one z and when the baby is sleeping it basically monitors the measure of breath. You know, SIDS is the number one cause of infant death here in the United States, so we basically have created something to let mom and dad have a piece of mind that baby is breathing and if they stop breathing for 20 seconds or more, it will vibrate to stimulate baby to start breathing again and then it will alarm to let parents know that the baby stopped breathing. Host: So, it could help the baby by vibrating and mom and dad will never know. Julie Jomunville: Exactly. Exactly. So, it could stimulate that breath while baby is in the crib. And the great thing about this, a lot of the cases of SIDS actually happen at daycare – in the first couple of weeks of daycare – because you are in a new bed, you are with a new caregiver. So, this product is the first one ever that gets with you anywhere. Host: So, do you find that this product is going to make parents more anxious, that suddenly they are more focused on SIDS, and they are more worried about something