How to Tell Him You're Waiting Till Marriage
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Featuring America's Love Experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal. Listen to their advice on wanting to wait till the marriage.


Matt: Hey, everybody. Matt and Tamsen here with ask Your Tango answering your love questions. Tamsen: Okay today’s question come from Lol har har 8d. Love brief, cynically, hopeless romantic. I have limits. How can I make him respect them? When I’m hooking with a guy, he automatically thinks we’ll be having sex somewhere down the road. It’s just awkward to say sorry I’m waiting until marriage. How do I make sure guys can respect my limits and not be completely like turned off by my abstinence? You what if he is, he is not the guy I think. Matt: That’s a good point but there is way to deal with it. I don’t know how far you’re going with him physically but you know. You don’t have to be a total prude not saying you are, but you can do so many things that can rock his world without having sex. Tamsen: Absolutely. Matt: I would concentrate on those things oral sex, foreplay any different kind of things. And if he gives you a hard time you’re okay with and I would also say the thing to tell him when he gives you a hard time to say, “Hey you know what? When I think you are ready for that it’s going to rock your world. You’re never be going to be the same, I don’t’ know if you need that responsibility right now. I don’t think if he can handle it right now.” Be cocky, be a little flirty. Don’t give in to a guy that might not be the one for you. Tamsen: You have limits and you do need to make the guy respect them and the only way to do it is be very upfront and honest about what they are. And you know not playing a teasing game as if it is going to happen when it’s not but keep it a little intact because I’m going to say hats off to you with everything that goes on. Matt: Again tell him that when you are ready his going to rock his world and he’s not going to handle it and you’re worried for his safety. Tamsen: If he’s good enough for you. Alright, this is Matt and Tamsen with Matt: Got a question you like answered? Tamsen: Visit