How to Supplement Using Cup Feeding
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Learn how to use a cup to supplement feedings. Cup feeding is a good alternative to the bottle, particularly with a baby who is refusing the breast. Notice how the baby laps milk up with his tongue instead of milk being poured into his mouth.


Female Speaker: Okay, so here we are getting little spillage. So, we are still learning here together to coordinate, you want to keep the milk as fluid, I am sorry up to the same height as possible. So, you don’t want to go up down, you want to keep it consistently there, sitting on his upper lip, so he can lap it like a pussy cat. Male Speaker: That’s nice. Female Speaker: Now when he get good at this, feels like he is like a real person. If he can take the break as he wants to, he was taking a break. Male Speaker: Sort to others, just use tongue mature bubble their tongue. Female Speaker: It was the tongue behind the bubble there. See his tongue coming. He is lapping up like a pussy cat.