How To Stretch: Active Exercises Pt. 4
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Learn how to use 6 more warm up and flexibility drills for your legs, hips and core.


Lateral Crossover—this teaches us the basics of the crossover move explosively from the hip with a good body control and balance, focus on the dorsiflexion of the ankle and rotation at the hip. The heel recovers under the hamstring as the need drives across the body. We step down to the front part of the foot not letting the heel touches the ground. Wide Skip—here we are going to skip moving forward keeping the knees wide outside the shoulders so that we work on the abductor and adductor muscles which make the legs move apart and bring them back together again. Stay on the front part of the foot forcing the ankle to stay in dorsiflex for loaded position, good posture with the chest up and the back flat. Drop Skip—here we are working on going backward while dropping the knee and the hip opening up the action. This is great for any sport that involves lateral movement, quick change of direction while we have to stay open to the field of play. We stay dorsiflexed with the ankle focusing on stepping down to the front of the foot not reaching with the heel. Again, the head and chest are up for good posture. Side Slides—just simply moving laterally focusing on pushing away from the direction we want to go, emphasis on good posture keeping the foot or ankle dorsiflexed. Arm Rotation—here it is a four-point drill from the front of the body to over the head, out wide and reach back. We are going to do three times each direction with this drill working with reaching the elbows as far as we can to increase the range of motion at the shoulders. Arm Swings—reaching back and then up and around, swing the arm. So, we increase the range of motion at the shoulder joint. We want to work both through actions forward and back. I emphasized reaching with the palms so that we get a nice long arm that gives a good stretch to all the muscles around the shoulder joint. After we do both arms, we can isolate it more by going to single limb, going forward and then backward so that we make each limb work independently of each other to try and get a better neuromuscular base of development that balances the body, right side and the left side. Leg Swings—using a post, a fence, a wall, or even a partner, first walk forward and back keeping the foot pointed straight ahead. We want to reach back as far as we can, getting a good stretch at the hip and reach forward lifting and stretching the hamstring. We want to make sure we work both legs equally doing two to three sets of 10 swings. Next, we want to do out in the cross. We want to reach out working the abductors and adductors. Coming across, we want to turn the hip and lift the legs so we still focus on that hamstring, gluteus and lower back area. Again, we wanted to do two sets of 10 swings with each leg. Face the wall or the poll and work a hurdle drill reaching back with heel pulling the heel up behind the butt cheek and then pulling the knee around and front of the body. Do a set of 10 and switch legs. One leg will be much better at this than the other. Generally, the dominant leg is fairly easy to work with. The non-dominant leg takes a little bit of practice to get use to doing this motion. Reaching back—now, do the same drill just in reverse. The knee comes up and front, rotates out; reach back with the heel, and then back to the front position. Do a set of 10 with each leg.