How To Stretch: Active Exercises Pt. 3
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Learn how to use 10 more warm up and flexibility drills for your feet, legs and knees.


Stick to chicken to skipping motion now. We lift the heel to the hamstring, extend the heel out in front and then pull the foot down to the ground focusing on stretching the hamstring. This drill will help to add balance and agility to your warm up and flexibility routine. Russian March—here we want to focus on perfect postures staying tall with the chest in hips while we reach up with the toe keeping the legs straight trying to touch the fingers. The reach during this drill helps to lock in good posture forcing our lifting action to happen from the hip. So, we really get good hip flexion while we stretch the hamstrings during the lifting phase. Russian skip—here same action working from the hip on the lifting action of the legs stretching the hamstring while getting good concentric work at the hips, postures is locked in by reaching the arms forward, getting the lifting action from the leg. Athletes one also work on pulling the foot back down at the ground. So, we were both sides—up and down during this action. Backward reach—this drill precludes our back-pedal or backwards skip, teaching the hip to extend and reach backward with the heel staying on the front part of the foot. This really helps to stretch the hamstrings, the quads, the hip flexors. Posture should be perfect with the head and chest up, keeping the back flat, while we reach back for as much distance we can get. Backward reach run—we want to pull a heel to the hamstring and then reach back as far as we can. Keep the head and chest up, swinging the arms for good balance. Backward skip—pulling the heel to the butt, skip reaching back as far as you can. This really puts good stress on the hip flexors and hamstrings. Again our posture is tall, our arms are swinging matching our running motion. We also want to focus on keeping our ankle on dorsiflexion so that we are bouncing off the ground and not letting the heel plant and stop our motion. Leg circles—reaching back and then around to the front, this really works the hip area. This is great for all sports that have any type of lateral and rotational movement. This can be done both forward or backward, walking, running, or skipping. Hurdles walks—reach back with the heel, collapse the heel to the butt and then pull the knee through, putting the leg back into a good running position as we step down to the ground. This really focuses on the muscles of the hip area where most major movements occur. This drill can be done walking, running, or skipping to add difficulty in balance. This is great for sports that involve lots of lateral movement and hip activity. Carioca—here we want to have a good bouncing action looking at rotation at the hip and knee coming across the body. This is great for teaching the crossover move for sports that utilize that move. Emphasis here is on the hip and knee and not the foot. We move by moving our hips not our feet. Lateral high-knees—moving sideways, we want to emphasize pushing away from the direction we want to travel. Lifting the knees and recovering them as high as the hips. Emphasis here is on pushing away from the direction we want to go. Dorsiflex the foot, pull at toe up and bounce of the ground. We do not want to lead with the heel. We want to stay on the front part of the foot. Crossover—first we are going to focus on doing this skipping so we get the bouncing action of the foot. We do not want to reach with the heel; we want to step down to the front part of the foot. We get good arm action keeping the body balance and exaggerate the hip action crossing over the line. Emphasis here is on rotation at the hips while driving the knee up in front of the body recovering the heel under the hamstring.