How To Stretch: Active Exercises Pt. 1
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Learn how to use 5 different warm up exercises for your feet.


So we warm up or we do active drills to get prepared for explosive activity. Toe Raises—stationary drill using movement we want to roll from heel to a tall extended toe raise as tall as you can get. Toe Taps—this works the basic abdorsiflexion of the ankle. Pulling the toe up and snapping the ground. Athletes want to focus on doing three sets of ten to fifteen reputations with each foot. Foot Rolls—here we want to work on the range of motion at the ankle working both directions. We want to focus on doing three sets of ten circles each direction. Ankles Circles or ABC’s—we want to work to increased the range of motion of the ankle joint at pointing the toe on reaching as far as we can as we circle the ankle or write the ABC’s. We want to do two to three sets of ten each direction with each foot. Toe Drags—here we going to hook the toe back behind the body and push the hips forward and down. Here we want to work both—the ‘soleus’ or the lower muscles of the lower leg and the gas tract which is the upper or main muscle in the lower leg. We want to try and go until movement stops and then hold for a one and two count and then relax. Do about, five with each foot.