How to Stay Safe When Online Dating
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When looking for love online, it stands to reason that you need to share some information with prospective matches to see if there's a potential fit. However, there's a limit to the amount and type of information you should share, even on the safest online dating sites. Molly McDonald offers practical online dating safety tips that will keep you safe while still allowing you to trawl the web for love.


Male Speaker: Get yourself a copy of the free gDoc Creator. It lets you create print and view your Microsoft Office docs to PDF or XPS. Download a copy right now at That's Butterscotch Tutorial Special Finding Love Online Series, Part Ten of Ten: Safety Tips. Molly McDonald: When choosing to look for love online, you should always remember to keep you guard up. Here is some tips of what not to share too quickly when you meet someone online. First of all be careful when giving out your address. It may seem innocent if someone says they want to send you a gift, but remember if you give them your home or even your work address and they'll know how to find you in person and then tell you know someone well that just not safe. Next always tell people where you are going when meeting someone online for the first time. Now this should be common sense, but I have a friend who did this. She didn't tell anyone that she was going out with someone who she met online because she was sort of embarrassed. She also went to a movie and having pick her up at her house where she lives alone. Be smart, meet someone at a public location the first few times you go out and tell people where you are going even better go out with a group of friends. Try not to give out your home number. Give out your cell number. Also make sure you are unlisted if you don't want strangers calling you on the phone without your permission. If you put up a profile with your name and the area where you live, then anyone can find your number and possibly your address if it's not unlisted. If you want to be extra careful get an unlisted number and give out your cell number. Avoid secluded areas on your date and don't give a lot of detail about where you live, if you live alone in a dark wooded area with no neighbors for miles, don't tell about to stranger you just met online. This also falls under the rule number one of not giving anyone your address. And one of the most important tips to remember is always remain alert. Even if you are having fun, you still don't know this person all that well and you need to remember to keep your guard at all times. Thanks for watching and don't miss the first nine episodes in the Finding Love Online Series.