How to Stay Focused During Sport Competition Part 3
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Learn how to stay focused during sport competition using advice from Dr. Kenneth Ravizza.


So the first R word is Recognize and it's I think one of the most critical things because if we can be aware of this, it's so powerful in your ability to let go of it, get control of that moment, manage that moment, expand that moment and get yourself back where you're in control of the situation instead of that situation controlling you. But once I recognize it, the next thing I've got to do is I've got to release it and let that negative thing go. For me, one of the symbols I use is I use this symbol of a toilet. Let things go. Let the garbage go, you don't need to hold on to it. This toilet is such a beautiful symbol, why? Because it gets you a laugh a little bit at this? Sometimes if we can get that sense of humor, that's okay, but we've got to learn to put that over there and get here. Its back to that 15 second drill we did. You can turn anything around for a short period of time. When you get that little voice going, here we go again. What does that mean? That means you're in the past, and you're going to pull that to the future and you totally miss the present. By letting go with the past and getting yourself here, that will help you deal with what's up ahead. Part of that, after you let the thing go and you release it, the next key point is to pull that stern them up, get that chest up, body language, so important. I had the privilege of spending time with some cardiovascular surgeons and one of the things they talked about is, when they go into surgery, they get big, the way they walk in there, the way they carry themselves. As an athlete one of the skills you have to learn is you have to learn how to fake it till you make it sometimes. Because your body language doesn't lie, the way you carry yourself sends a message. So once you recognize where you're at, if you're not where you need to be, flush it, let it go and regroup, pull that, stern them up. That's going to help you get control of you. That's going to get you taking one thing at a time. The next R is Refocus. What do I need to do now? Because if I'm in control of myself, I can think clearly. I can commit to what I'm about to do. In water polo when you're struggling, you come up, go to the ball, ball-centered sport, you got that ball to go to. That ball is going to direct your thinking in the way you go about your performance. But I've got to be able to refocus on my plan and commit to that plan. Once I have that plan and I commit to it, the next thing I need to do is take that breath inhale, exhale. Sometimes, especially in various aerobic sports, it maybe a quick breath, but at least get one in. The final thing, once I'm ready, I'm just going to do it, I'm going to trust what I've got, but it's very hard to trust if you don't commit to what you're going to do. You've got to commit to what you're doing to trust it. Because as we said earlier, in this program, it's all about trusting what you're doing and in the pressure situation, do what you do on a day-to-day basis. In a lot of that is being totally involve taking one thing at a time and giving yourself the best opportunity for success, by focusing on the 60% that you do have and use 100% of that 60%. These things are going to help you manage the moment and give you a better opportunity for success.