How to Start Your Toddler on a Healthy Diet
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Jennifer Hood teaches you how start your toddler on a healthy diet and lifestyle from his or her first solid food.


Female: FLN smart tips with Nutrition Expert Jennifer Hood. Jennifer Hood: Feeding there baby there first food is an ideal time to introduce healthy eating trends. Listen to your baby and follow these smart tips for starting solids. Keeps ken on fruits such as apples, pears and peaches and simple curries. Introduce your baby to meat curries as first food, cook chicken, beef or turkey or mild fish gently with natural broth of water. Blend with cook sweet potatoes or beans and a food processor for smooth consistency. Ripe avocado are rich in mono and saturated fats, mild in flavor and can be blended with other fruits and vegetables. Try freezing combinations in Popsicle molds for a cool tray. Explore new foods and flavors with your child using the smart tips. Female: For more go to tips.