How to Start Dating Again After a Divorce
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Better.TV with Matt and Tamsen give advice about where to start dating again after being divorced.


Audra: Getting into the dating game right after divorce, that can be pretty tough but our relationship experts, Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, have some great advice in today’s Ask Matt and Tamsen. Matt: Hey everybody, Matt and Tamsen here at the Sony Style Store here in New York City ready to answer some of your questions. Tamsen: Yeah we’ve got questions about tact and love, I guess they go hand in hand nowadays? Matt: That’s absolutely right. Tamsen: “Dear Matt and Tamsen, I have two children, I’m just divorced, and I don’t know where to begin to date, is online an option for me. I’m 47 years old and a little bit nervous about it.” Yes. Matt: Of course, you’re not a hundred. Online is definitely an option for you, as a matter of fact, it might be the best option. It’s really convenient, it’s easy, and you just have to pick a website that maybe fits your lifestyle right now, right? Tamsen: Yeah, and fit your personality, I mean, I wouldn’t jump online and think you’re going to meet the man of your dreams in the first three dates, because that’s probably not going to happen most likely, it never happens. What you really have to do though, is you’re going to sort your profile. Make sure you’re with people who are appropriate, you know, where you are. You do have two children, you know, you want people that are within your age bracket if that’s what you’re looking for and obviously geographically close. Matt: I’m going to go on a limb here, I like eHarmony for you. Just because it’s a little bit of an older group of people and the way in which they match, probably is taking into consideration the children which are very important to you. So, I will look at eHarmony. Tamsen: Yeah, check it out and let us know what happens, and good luck to you, I’m glad you’re getting back out there. Alright, “Dear Matt and Tamsen,” this is our next question, “My husband thinks its okay if our 14 year old daughter to post all of her pictures on Facebook, I’m actually a little nervous about it, what do you think we cannot agree with this one?” I mean, you know, Facebook starting it was for people who were young, it just so happens all of us are on it now. Matt: I’d be terrified, I would. Tamsen: I understand your concern, but I think maybe we could come to happy media maybe it’s a picture you actually approved and then you and your husband can settle that. Matt: Great minds think alike. I was just going to say that, I think that you should approve every single picture before she puts it up every week just have her send the pictures that she plans to post, you know, it’s as easy as that. Audra: And if you’ve got dating and relationship questions for Matt and Tamsen, you can always email them